1. Heavy Metals in the Imported and Iranian Rice Consumed in Hormozgan Province

Mohsen Dehghani; Fatemeh Mosaferi; Vali Alipour

Volume 4, Issue 3 , July 2016, , Pages 106-110

  Background: Given that the share of imported rice from India and Pakistan, the current study was conducted to determine the concentration of lead, arsenic and cadmium in the rice imported from the two mentioned countries in comparison to Iranian rice. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted ...  Read More

2. Trihalomethanes Formation Potential in Water Supply System of Bandar Abbas (Southern Iran): from Source to Distribution Network

Leila rezaei; Vali Alipour; Sakine shokooheyan; Amin Ghanbarnejad

Volume 2, Issue 1 , January 2014, , Pages 36-41

  Background: Pre-chlorination of raw water containing natural organic matters may lead to forming harmful disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs), the measurement of which needs expensive advanced analytical instruments. This study was conducted to anticipate THMs formation potential in ...  Read More

3. Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorous from Wastewater of Seafood Market by Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System (ICEAS)

Hamid Reza Zeinaddine; Afshin Ebrahimi; Vali Alipour; Leila Rezaei

Volume 1, Issue 2 , October 2013, , Pages 89-93

  Background: This study aimed to determine the efficiency of the intermittent cycle extended aeration system (ICEAS) and the removal conditions of treating contaminants, especially nitrogen phosphorus from sea shopping center wastewater.Methods: Experiment was carried out on fish distribution center of ...  Read More