1. Microbiological Quality of Food Contact Surfaces in A Hospital Kitchen in Shiraz, Iran, 2014

Mohammad Ali Baghapour; Seyed Mohammad Mazloomi; Kourosh Azizi; Razieh Sefidkar

Volume 3, Issue 4 , October 2015, , Pages 128-132

  Background: The consumption of healthy food is considered as an essential need to devoid the physical, chemical, and biological hazards. The importance of this issue is more conspicuous in places such as hospitals where people with somehow compromised immune systems are under treatment. Therefore, this ...  Read More

2. The Effect of Home Cooking Method and Refrigeration Processes on the Level of Nitrate and Nitrite In Spinach

Mitra Keshavarz; Seyed Mohammad Mazloomi; Siavash Babajafari

Volume 3, Issue 3 , July 2015, , Pages 88-93

  Background: Spinach is one of the vegetables with a high concentration of nitrate which is affected by various processes such as cooking and refrigeration before consumption. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of home cooking method, which has not been studied before, on the level of nitrate ...  Read More

3. Microbiological Quality of Commercial Enteral Feedings used in Two Public Hospitals in Shiraz, Iran

Mahsa Moazen; Samane Rahmdel; Seyedeh Maryam Abdollahzadeh; Maryam Ranjbar Zahedani; Seyed Mohammad Mazloomi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , April 2014, , Pages 49-53

  Background: Although enteral feeding solutions are used to reduce the morbidity and mortality in many malnourished and hospitalized patients, microbial contamination of these products may lead to severe infections, especially in immune suppressed ones. The aim of this study was to evaluate the microbiological ...  Read More