1. Assess of Environmental and Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals Originated of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant Effluents to Coastal Areas in the Persian Gulf

Leila Rezaei; Vali Alipour; Amir Hesam Hassani; Mohsen Dehghani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , April 2022, , Pages 203-209


  Background: the Persian Gulf ecosystem is facing degradation, so further degradation must be prevented. The present study was conducted to assess the environmental pollution risk potential of the coastal ecosystem due to heavy metal content in desalination plant’s effluent.Methods: In this cross-sectional ...  Read More

2. Improvement of Two Iranian Petrochemical Complexes’ Wastewater Biodegradability from 2015 to 2017 Using H2O2/ Fe2+ and Optimization of the Conditions by RSM

Mahmood Derakhshan; Mojtaba Fazeli

Volume 5, Issue 4 , October 2017, , Pages 144-152

  Background:Petrochemical wastewaters are a critical environmental challenge in industrial zones due to the amount of pollutants they release into the environment. Therefore, finding a solution for treatment of the wastewater has become the priority of the researchers. The main objective of this research ...  Read More