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Review Articles
Global, WHO Regional Quality of Life in People during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Fatemeh Pashazadeh Kan; Niloofar Ahmadi; Sima Rafiei; Maryam Masoumi; Omid Elahifar; Maryam Doustmehraban; Hajar Eshtod; Zahra Hosseinipalangi; Mobina Navidriahy; Zahra Nejatifar; Negin Gholamali; Farnaz Zarabi; Fatemeh Seyghalani Talab; Shayeste MohamadRahimi; Rana Soheylirad; Batool Sadat Hoseini; Mona Rajabi; Ahmad Ghashghaee

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 525-534

  Background: Strict adherence to safety precautions and, most importantly, social distancing and isolation of people infected with the Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) virus have considerably affected the daily life activities of individuals and overshadowed their routine lifestyle. We conducted a systematic ...  Read More

Review Articles
The Impact of Sleep Health as a Healthy Lifestyle on Coping with Coronavirus Vulnerability: A Narrative Review

Mousa Bamir; Salman Farahbakhsh; Salman Daneshi; Reza Sadeghi

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 535-541

  Background: Sleep health is a relatively new term in the sleep literature and an emerging concept in sleep medicine. Lack of attention to health sleep, leads to an increase in the incidence of various physical, mental, and immune disorders against infectious diseases.Methods: This Narrative review study ...  Read More

Original Article
Time to the Peak, Flu Vaccine, and Mortality Rate of COVID-19: An Ecologic Study on Data from 26 Countries

Zahra Sedaghat; Mohammad Fararouei; Seyed Saeed Hashemi Nazari

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 542-546

  Background: In 2020, shortly after recognizing the COVID-19 virus in China on March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. It is estimated that COVID-19 is responsible for millions of morbidities and deaths globally, causing devastating health, social and economic ...  Read More

Original Article
Subjective Norms Predict Intention to Covid-19 Vaccination among Older Adults in Southern Iran: a Community-based Cross-sectional Study

Mahsa Yarelahi; Elham Rezaian; Farzaneh Bahadori; Zeinab Sahraian; Somayeh Abolghsemi; Masoud Karimi

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 547-554

  Background: The success of the vaccination programs against covid-19 depends on the level of community vaccine acceptance. The present study aimed to investigate the predictors of older adults’ intention to uptake the covid-19 vaccine in older adults.Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted ...  Read More

Original Article
The Relationship between Health Literacy and Covid-19 Preventive Behaviors in Healthcare Workers in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Southeast Iran

Hossien Izadirad; Hossein Rashki Ghalenow; Hajar Noori Sanchooli; Fereshteh Safaei

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 555-561

  Background: Health literacy and preventive behaviors can be considered important factors in healthcare workers’ decisions and how they function in the health system to promote the health of society. Therefore, the present study determined the relationship between health literacy and Covid-19 preventive ...  Read More

Original Article
Risk Factors and Prognosis; An Effort to Predict the Severity of COVID-19

Parisa Jooya; Neda Pouralimohamadi; Bisma Zulfaqar; Melika Arzhangzadeh; Seyed Amirhossein Shamszadeh; Behdad Tahayori

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 562-569

  Background: Up to this time, screening for people infected with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) relies on clinical symptoms. As a result, our study focused on establishing a relationship between clinical manifestations, risk factors, and the prognosis of COVID-19 for prompt intervention.Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article
Assessment of Mental Workload and its Association with Workability among Nurses Working in the Care Units of Patients with Covid-19

Seyvan Sobhani; Sara Tabanfar; Isa Mohammadi Zeidi; Mohammad Sharif Hosseini

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 570-577

  Background: High mental workload can negatively affect nurses’ mental and physical health, quality of life, and workability. Therefore, the present study aimed to determine the relationship between mental workload and the workability among nurses.Methods: Using the multi-stage sampling method, ...  Read More

Original Article
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice toward the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: A Population-Based Survey in Iran

Amirhossein Erfani; Reza Shahriarirad; Keivan Ranjbar; Alireza Mirahmadizadeh; Mohsen Moghadami

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 578-591

  Background: Knowledge and awareness of disease transmission modes and basic hygiene principles during a public health crisis are crucial for developing effective control measures. The researchers aimed to evaluate Iranians’ knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) throughout the coronavirus disease ...  Read More

Original Article
Assessing the Quality of the COVID-19 Articles Published by Persian Researchers Using the CASP Checklist

Mina Danaei; Mohammad Hossein Taghrir; Mehrdad Askarian; Mohsen Momeni

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 592-599

  Background: The COVID-19 pandemic reminded scientists of the importance of designing and implementing efficient research. In this study, the frequency and quality of Iranian researchers’ manuscripts about COVID-19 were evaluated.Methods: A comprehensive search was conducted on June 30, 2020, to ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigating the Relationship between Nutritional Attitude and Performance with Physical Activity in Patients with COVID-19

Zahra Negarandeh; Hossain Faramarzi; Siavash Babajafari; Mohsen Davoodi; Seyed Ali Hoseini; Omid Reza Salehi; Morteza Zare

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 600-606

  Background: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between nutritional performance and physical activity in patients with COVID-19.Methods: In this causal-comparative ex-post facto study, after obtaining a license from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, 600 people who volunteered to participate ...  Read More

Original Article
Occupational Risk Assessment of COVID-19 Exposure: A Case Study in a Bank Setting

Khalil Taherzadeh Chenani; Laleh Nikoo; Mehdi Jahangiri

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 607-613

  Background: The rise of COVID-19 in the 21st century has posed challenges for national and international communities. Meanwhile, people who work in high-risk jobs in terms of biological exposure, such as banks, are more likely to be exposed to coronavirus. This study aimed to investigate the risk of ...  Read More

Original Article
Factors Associated with Length of Hospital Stays in COVID-19 Patients in Yazd Province Hospitals

Mohammadreza Mirjalili; Mohammadreza Dehghani; Mehdi Raadabadi; Farzan Madadizadeh; Mohammad Sharifyazdi; Hosein Shojaefar; Masoud Sharifi; Mehdi Yavari; Ali Dehghani

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 614-619

  Background: Considering the high prevalence of COVID-19 in Iran, it is necessary to allocate health resources in response to this pandemic. Due to limitations in the number of hospital beds, analysis of the length of hospital stay in COVID-19 patients may be helpful for decision-making.Methods: This ...  Read More

Original Article
Effect of COVID-19 Vaccination on Survival of Iranian Patients: comparison of Cox Regression, Survival Tree and Forests

Mozhgan Seif; Mehdi Sharafi; Marziyeh Sadat Seif; Mohsen Bayati; Jalal Karimi

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 620-630

  Background: The effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination determines the resource allocation for saving lives in this pandemic. Certainly, the efficacy of all vaccines has been studied in laboratory situations. However, the present study aims to estimate the effectiveness of vaccination in real conditions ...  Read More

Original Articles
Designing a Policymaking Pattern to Deal with Covid-19

Hasan Yusefzadeh; Hassan Nazari; Ahmad Vadadi; Reza Mohammadpour

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 631-638

  Background: Due to the unpredictability of Covid-19, policymakers should look at this issue as a complex system in developing and providing solutions to deal with it. This research aimed to provide a policy model for dealing with Covid-19.Methods: This is a qualitative study and used the theme analysis ...  Read More

Original Article
Correlation between HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria with COVID-19 Indices: A Global Level Ecological Study

Alireza Mirahmadizadeh; Fatemeh Rezaei; Kimia Jokari; Sepideh Mohseni; Sima Afrashteh; Seyed Sina Dehghani; Alireza Jafari; Mohsen Moghadami; Mousa Ghelichi-Ghojogh

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 639-648

  Background: HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malariaare neglected due to the high pressure imposed on healthcare systems by COVID-19; however, since these diseases afflict a large number of patients globally, their effect on COVID-19, as a world pandemic, should be assessed. We aimed to assess the relationship ...  Read More

Original Article
Assessing the Performance Indicators of Hospitals Before and After the Pandemic of COVID-19: A Time Series Study from January 2019 to December 2021

Sima Rafiei; Ahad Alizadeh; Rohollah Kalhor; Aidin Aryankhesal; Ahmad Ghashghaee

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 649-656

  Background: The pandemic of COVID-19 affect all healthcare systems globally, and its effect on different hospital performance indicators has been debated. The study aimed to compare the impacts of COVID-19 on hospital performance indicators using pre-and post-pandemic data from training hospitals.Methods: ...  Read More

Short Communication
A Tempo-geographic Analysis of COVID-19 and Vaccination in EMRO Region: Joinpoint Regression in an Ecologic Study

Jafar Hassanzadeh; Zahra Maleki; Arefe Abedinzade; Mohebat Vali

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 657-663

  Background: The rapid response of governments to overcome COVID-19 is increasingly important. In this study, we investigated the epidemiological changes of Covid-19 and the vaccination status of this disease in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO).Methods: This research is a descriptive ecologic study. ...  Read More

Short Communication
Forecasting the Spread of the Sixth Wave of COVID-19 Epidemic in Southern Iran: An Application of ARIMA Models

Vahid Rahmanian; Mohammad Jokar; Elham Mansoorian

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 664-669

  Background: Through the fifth wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in Jahrom, the fatality and incidence of the virus increased. The quick spread of infection is one of the causes of this dreadful situation. Therefore, recognizing the future epidemic trend can be a useful instrument to decrease mortality and ...  Read More

Short Communication
Administration of Drugs to Treat COVID-19 in Uzbekistan

Umid Sanjarovich Akbarov; Tamara Uktamovna Aripova; Adolat Abdurahimovna Ismailova; A’zam Akbar Ug’li Rakhimjonov; Larisa Viktorovna Sher; Tatyana Aleksandrovna Petrova; Muxlisa Saidakbarhojaevna Kasimova; Dildora Sobirjon Qizi Karimova; Ramazan Joldasbaevich Rozumbetov

Volume 11, 3 (Supplement) , July 2023, Pages 670-672

  The COVID-19 pandemic has become a big challenge for the health systems of all countries. Since there were no reliable data on the efficacy of various drugs for COVID-19 in the early months of the pandemic, medical staff had to rely on constantly changing temporary recommendations and their experience ...  Read More

Health Integrated System in Iran: Opportunities and Constraints

Fatemeh Setoodehzadeh; Mohammad Khammarnia; Mostafa Peyvand

Volume 9, Issue 3 , July 2021, , Pages 206-207

  Nowadays, information and communications technology (ICT) has deeply influenced different aspects, especially healthcare sector.(1) Increasing public awareness and expectations has encouraged healthcare providers to use modern technologies to improve service quality.(2) Health technologies provide useful ...  Read More

Risk Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Determination of the Associated Factors among Workers of a Dairy Products Factory

zahra zamanian; hadi daneshmandi; Hojjatolah Setoodeh; Ebrahim Nazaripoor; Abdollah Haghayegh; Saeed Shaban Sarvestani

Volume 2, Issue 4 , October 2014, , Pages 134-139

  Background: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common causes of occupational injuries that appear in the lower back, neck and upper and lower extremities mainly. This study was conducted to assess the risk of MSDs and determine of its associated factors in workers of a dairy products ...  Read More

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Assessment of Working Conditions in an Iranian Petrochemical Industry

Alireza Choobineh; Hadi Daneshmandi; Shahed Asadi; Shahram Ahmadi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2013, , Pages 33-40

  Background/Objective: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common causes of occupational injuries. This study was conducted with the objectives of determination of prevalence rate of MSDs and ergonomics assessment of the risk of MSDs among workers of a petrochemical company. Methods: ...  Read More

A Study of Antibiotics Self-Medication at Primary Health Care Centers in Shiraz, Southern Iran

Mehrdad Askarian; Mohsen Hosseingholizadeh mahani; Mina Danaei; Mohsen Momeni

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2013, , Pages 1-5

  Background: Nowadays, self-medication of therapeutic agents is of global concern particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries. Some studies conducted in Iran showed that the frequency of self-medication was significant. Objective: This research was conducted to estimate the prevalence of arbitrary ...  Read More

Knowledge and Practice of Medical Students on Healthy Lifestyle: A Cross-Sectional Study in Shiraz

Mehrdad Askarian; Zahra Dehghani; Mina Danaei; Veda Vakili

Volume 1, Issue 2 , October 2013, , Pages 77-82

  Background: Physicians are one of the most important groups directly associated with public health and their health related lifestyle has a significant impact on their patient’s behaviors. Several studies showed that the majority of medical students did not have appropriate and healthy behaviors. The ...  Read More

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