Document Type : Review Articles


1 Student Research Committee, Larestan University of Medical Sciences, Larestan, Iran

2 Department of Nursing, School of Nursing, Larestan University of Medical Sciences, Larestan, Iran

3 BSc student of nursing, Student research committee, Larestan University of Medical Sciences, Larestan, Iran


Background: Thyroid cancer is the most common malignancy of the endocrine glands at any age and sex. The present study was designed to comprehensively identify the epidemiological status of thyroid cancer using the results of similar studies.
Methods: The present study was an epidemiological review study. Studies on the epidemiology of thyroid cancer between March 2020 and April 2020 were searched by two researchers at four Latin scientific databases (Google Scholar, PubMed / Medline, Scopus, ISI Web of Science). Persian and Latin articles about the epidemiology of thyroid cancer were included in the study.
Results: The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing worldwide; however, this type of cancer has a good survival rate. The most important risk factors for thyroid cancer include Ionizing radiation, diet, female gender, age, genetic background and race and ethnicity.
Conclusion: The incidence of thyroid cancer in the world is increasing. Therefore, preventive and protective measures to reduce the risk factors of this cancer are recommended to reduce the incidence of the disease.


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