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A 360-Degree Evaluation of Faculty Members’ Teaching Effectiveness in Larestan Medical Sciences School during Covid -19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study

Maliheh Poorkiani; Nasrin Shokrpour; Zohreh Faramarzian; leila bazrafcan; Zahra Keshtkaran; Leila Bazrafkan

Volume 11, 1 (Supplement) , January 2023, , Pages 140-146


  Background: Faculty members are the main pillars of universities, and their performance has a vital role in the efficiency of universities. In the current era of the Covid-19 pandemic, students’ traditional evaluation method is not sufficient, and 360-degree evaluation is recommended, or multi-rater ...  Read More

The Effect of Parenting Skills Training on Adolescent Aggression in Abadeh Tashk, Fars Province, 2018

Leila Bazrafkan; Rahmat Allah Mohammadjani; Tayebeh Rakhshani

Volume 7, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 8-16


  Introduction: Given the importance of aggression in adolescents and the effects of parenting practices, the present study was conducted to investigate the effects of parenting skills intervention on adolescent aggression in Abadeh Tashk town, Fars province, in 2018. Methods: This randomized clinical ...  Read More

Comparison of Emotional Intelligence between Medical and Non-medical Students

Leila Bazrafkan; Farangis Torki; Tayebeh Rakhshani

Volume 6, Issue 3 , July 2018, , Pages 155-160


  Introduction: Emotional intelligence is considered as one of the significant aspects of person-environment adaptation and one of the important factors of individual differences. As students of each society are the human resources and the constructors of its future, and their physical and mental health ...  Read More